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Who We Are

40 Years of Experiences

We are the mainstay of china mining machinery manufacturing industry with more than 40 years experience.

Strict Quality Control

We have a complete accurate assessment system to ensure each part of our products with high quality.

One-step Turnkey Solutions

We can provide you with complete production line design, on-site inspection and operator training according to your requirements.

Customized Products

According to the needs of customer's pratical operation condition, we provide customers with customized products and solutions.

About Us

Luoyang Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, whose predecessor was Luoyang Mining Machinery Cement Equipment Factory, was founded in 1959. Over the past fifty years, it has made significant contribution to the economic development in China. In 1995, it took the lead in changing into the joint stock company, which brought rapid development to the company. In 2006, the old factory relocated into the larger modern industrial workshop in Luoxin Industrial Park.